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IVR Payment Solutions The Basics

IVR Payments (Interactive Voice Response) also known as Pay-By-Phone is a technology that allows customers to make their payment for bills, fees, contributions over the telephone by interacting with an automated system.

IVR Payment solutions automates the process, so the customer does not have to interact with a live person when entering account information and credit card information. The use of IVR Payments delivers many benefits to both the user and the business. To the users it provides a convenient way to make a payment 24/7 over the telephone. When designed with the user in mind, it can be as easy as talking to a live agent. For the business, it helps address many security requirements mandated by the PCI Security Standards Counsil, it extends payment options to customers 24/7, reduces operational costs by reducing higher cost agent time, and can integrate with back-end systems for real-time account look-ups and payment posting.

The two (2) most common applications are:

  • Self-Service IVR Payments: Which allows customers to pay bills 24/7 over the telephone without any live agent intervention
  • Agent Assisted IVR Payments: This is designed to remove live customer service agents from handling the credit card information when a customer wants to make a payment

A few simple examples:

IVR Payments - Self-Service:

Your customer’s call into your Company’s existing Phone Number and select Payments from your front end phone menu (auto attendant). Your phone system will transfer the call to the Cloud based IVR Payment solution, which is branded and configured to your specifications. Your customers can make a payment using their Credit Card, in a PCI Compliant environment with transactions being posted in real-time to your credit card processor.

IVR Payments - Agent Assisted

While your customer service agent is speaking to a customer, your Agents can transfer your customers to the IVR Payment Platform. Your Agents then exit the call, ensuring the handling of your client’s Credit Card Information will be removed from the hands of your Live Agents, leaving your customers confident that their information is Safe and secure in a PCI Compliant environment.

About Datatel’s IVR Payment Solutions

At Datatel, we help businesses automated and secure payment transactions that take place over the telephone 247. Our Automated IVR Payments and Payment Reminder services are comprehensive, cost-effective, and simple to implement and maintain, and can save you thousands in operational costs.