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IVR Credit Card Payments In The Cloud Offer More Payment Gateway Choices To Business

Miami, Florida/Toronto, Ontario - May 28, 2012 - Datatel Communications Inc/Datatel Inc in Canada, a leader in PCI compliant IVR Telephone Payments in the Cloud, announced today it is expanding relationships with credit card payment gateways to provide more choices to its clients.

Datatel focuses in developing PCI compliant IVR Telephone Payment Solutions in the Cloud, removing the handling of sensitive credit card information by sales, service delivery, customer service agents and in-house self service IVRs, which help businesses achieve PCI compliance.

By adding new payment gateway choices, Datatel’s clients can use their existing merchant accounts, reduce implementation costs, and accelerate time to market when implementing IVR credit card payments for products and services. Datatel already provides connectivity to major processors in the US and Canada, as well as handful of payment gateways. This new initiative aims to allow client to use their existing payment gateway relationships which minimizes clients effort when adding Interactive Voice Response credit card payments to its existing payment methods.

Datatel helps businesses to address specific Payment Card Industry security requirements (PCI-DSS), by providing a simple to implement solution in the cloud to offload the collection and transmission of sensitive credit card information collection from live agents, and internal Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems. In addition, if live agents do not work 24/7, businesses can extend telephone self-service payment options to its customers.

Business can significantly reduce costs and time of implementation by employing IVR credit card processing templates designed for their specific industry. More payment gateway choices, means faster and less expensive implementations said Barnard Crespi Co-CEO of Datatel. He also said Having pre-existing payment gateway connectivity options reduces the complexity of implementing telephone payments, as custom integration can be avoided.

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Datatel delivers complete suite of IVR Telephone Payment solutions in the Cloud, which removes the handling of sensitive credit card information by sales, service delivery, customer service agents and in-house self service IVR, helping achieve PCI compliance. Delivered as a Cloud Service there is no software or hardware to buy, and with dozens of industry specific models to choose from, implementation is quick and cost effective. Datatel’s IVR services are employed by business and service providers to automate a wide range of customer interactions over the telephone.
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