Datatel is joining forces with Holiday Helpers, to bring a full holiday experience to a family in need

Miami, Florida / Toronto, Canada (Dec 08, 2022)

Datatel Communications Inc., Datatel Inc. (in Canada) a leader in IVR Payments and Payment Technology for over 20 years is participating in holiday drive to bring full holiday experience to a family in need.

When you are a child, the holidays are often a time of magic and possibility, but once you grow up and begin to shoulder adult responsibilities the magic starts to fade a bit and eventually it can turn into just one more of a long list of obligations.

But what if we had it backward? What if it wasn’t the season that brought out the best in us, but it was our kindness that brought out the best in the season?

This holiday season, on behalf of our customers and partners Datatel has joined up with Holiday Helpers a GTA & Hamilton-based registered charitable organization that for more than 20 years has been bringing a full holiday experience to families with young children in the GTA & Hamilton areas who find themselves in need of a helping hand, including:

  • Single parent families
  • New immigrants to Canada
  • Families who rely on subsidized daycare or living
  • Families who have experienced a catastrophic event that has impacted their financial situation

This year they are aiming to sponsor at least 1,000 families and Datatel is sponsoring one of those. And we’re not just writing a check either (though those are always welcome too). We wanted this to be a personalized hands-on experience for our team and since being paired with a family in early November we have been meeting and planning and shopping with the aim of ensuring that we do all that we can to make their 2022 Holiday Season brighter than it might otherwise be.

If you are interested in helping a family in need in the GTA/Hamilton area either message us or contact Holiday Helpers

Or, contact a charity or charities in your own local area.

Together, through our generosity let’s bring back the magic of the holiday season!

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Gerry Henstra, CEO, Henstra Business Solutions

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Jeff Boatman, Global Client Solutions

“We’re happy with the IVR Payment system and it has been working well for us. Recently we also setup your newest SMS (text) receipts and found it to work great.”

IT Manager

“I want to command you and your team at Datatel on the job just completed for Tele-Response Center. The attention to detail and professionalism with which you approached the project was exemplary and greatly appreciated especially considering the several applications that needed to be implemented on short notice. Thanks again for your assistance getting this project off the ground so smoothly.”

Joe Grossman, Sr. Vice President, 121 Direct Response

“My team and I would like to commend Datatel on creating an IVR application that adds great value to our new Travel product. Your knowledge, input and expertise in IVR scripting, call flow management and overall IVR logistics made the development and implementation stages extremely easy to manage. Thank you for a well executed campaign that was launched on time and on budget.”

Ryan McCullough, Marketing Manager, Aegon Direct

“Great team to work with. I look forward to utilizing some additional capabilities in the future.”

Bob Griffin, VP of Operations, MedA/Rx

“We are very grateful for many years of mutually beneficial business relationship with Datatel and for impeccable customer service we have received during these years.”

Director of Student Accounts

“We, Standard Life, very much appreciated Datatel’s expertise, knowledge and support as we worked through the development and implementation stages. Our Clients appreciate the simplicity of the capability, while gathering very valuable feedback. Thanks for making this a very positive experience.”

Anne Pennell, VP, Customer Services Operations, Standard Life

“This was one of the best implementations I have been a part of. The communication was excellent and everything was responded to and dealt with swiftly. A real pleasure. We are looking forward to the impact this will have on our patient payments! Thank you!”

Kim Pace, Director Patient Accounts and Revenue, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance