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DatatelPay Curb&Go™

Remote Payments, Communication
& Curbside Pick-up Made Easy!

Remote Payments and Curbside Pick-up is a new lifeline for retailers in a time of social distancing and restrictive regulations. DatatelPay Curb&Go™ provides retailers of any size with a unified solution for remote payment, communication and Curbside pick-up that is both secure as well as simple to implement and operate. DatatelPay Curb&Go™ automates the communication with shoppers, freeing valuable time so you can run your business. Shoppers receive notifications when it’s time to pay, when their order is ready to be picked-up and the ability to check on the status of their order. DatatelPay Curb&Go™ levels the playing field with a feature rich solution that every retailer can afford!

The Only Solution Built With Retail Curbside Pick-up in mind!


Simple to Implement

DatatelPay Curb&GoTM works with your existing order taking processes no matter how simple or sophisticated it is

Easy to Use

Simply enter the shopper’s order amount and contact details and DatatelPay Curb&Go™ manages the communication, payment and pickup process with shoppers

Shopper Communication

Shoppers automatically receive payment and pickup details by Email and Text Messaging. You control of all messaging content.

Payment Convenience

Shoppers can securely pay anytime: Online via payment-link, or by 24/7 Pay-By-Phone/IVR Payment

Payment Notification

You are notified in real-time when each order is paid, so you can prep the order for pick-up and keep your customer informed

Order Readiness Tracking

Shoppers can track their order - each payment confirmation includes a link to check their order status

Curbside Pick-Up

When the order is ready shoppers receive an instant Pick-up Notification via Email and TXT Message which includes a QR code to identify the shopper at pick-up

Shopper Verification

Simply scan the QR code with any IOS or Android device. The order will be displayed on the store associates mobile phone.

You can also search for orders in the Curb&Go™ dashboard and send an Instant SMS Pick-Up Code to your shopper when they arrive for pick-up. Easy and secure!

Multi-Location Support

Supports an unlimited number of stores with unique merchant accounts (MIDs) so businesses with multiple locations/stores can manage shoppers at the store level and route payments per location just the way you are used to.

Distant Payments, Communication & Curbside Pick-up Made Easy! 

With DatatelPay Curb&Go™

  • Initiate remote distant payments from an easy to use on-line merchant portal
  • Omni-channel payments – Direct your customers to On-Line Payment-Link and/or Automated 24/7 Pay-By-Phone
  • Keep using your existing merchant accounts. If you have multiple merchant accounts one for each store, we have you covered
  • Order verification for 100% accuracy
  • Multi-channel automated communication with shoppers via Email and TXT messaging
  • Multi location messaging – tailor messaging to each of your stores with a built-in content editor so you can brand it to your business
  • Built-in reminders: remind customers when you haven't received payment or when the order has not been picked-up
  • Pick-up notifications with QR Code that you can read using any iOS or Android device (no special software is required).
  • For added security and safety - instant verification code via TXT Message

Remote Distant Payments, Communication & Curbside Pick-up Made Easy!

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I want to command you and your team at Datatel on the job just completed for Tele-Response Center. The attention to detail and professionalism with which you approached the project was exemplary and greatly appreciated especially considering the several applications that needed to be implemented on short notice. Thanks again for your assistance getting this project off the ground so smoothly.

Joe Grossman
Sr. Vice President, 121 Direct Response