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Patient Communication and Engagement

IVR & SMS Patient Communication and Engagement

Delivering Individualized 1-to-1 Patient Communication and Engagement results in better all around healthcare

Datatel’s Patient Communication/Engagement Platform enables you to take a proactive approach to continuous individualized communication between patients and healthcare providers before and after procedures.

As a healthcare provider, you can deliver individualized communication through multiple channels which include voice (IVR), e-mail, web and text messaging. You can adjust the delivery medium, content, and timing of communication based on pre-determined rules and triggers established by you and best industry practices.

By using the Patient Communication and Engagement Platform, you will be able to communicate, collect and track individual patient feedback, which provides a collaborative approach to healthcare, resulting in lower costs, better patient experience, and reduced readmissions.

The Benefits

  • Cost effective and simple to implement
  • Decrease avoidable healthcare costs by reducing patient readmissions
  • Identify new health problems, prioritize and respond proactively before they lead to complications
  • Educate patients to reduce any uncertainties with the opportunity to address questions immediately
  • Improve patient experience, clinical outcomes and post-discharge patient safety
  • Improve patient adherence to instructions provided, and encourage self-care and self-management in patients
  • Scalable - easy to use with any number of patients


  • Interact with patients via automated voice surveys/dialogues, e-mails, voice messages and text messages
  • Notifications to a healthcare provider for patient follow-up
  • Instant, real-time informational and support messages based on patient interaction
  • Dynamic content delivery
  • Adjust the type, content, and timing of communication delivered to patients to meet the specific procedures and practice area needs
  • E-mail with resources and web links based on the patient’s individual needs
  • Voice or text reminders and alerts

Industry Findings

Patients monitored with the IVR protocol were 44% less likely to be admitted in the 30 days after discharge than the same patients before and after being monitored.

The odds of experiencing a 90-day readmission was 38% lower.

Tele-monitoring reduced the hospital readmissions by 47%

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