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IVR Customer Account
Inquiry Automation

Automated Customer Account Inquiries 24/7 By Phone

Datatel’s IVR Customer Account Inquiry Automation provides your business with the ability to extend automated account inquiry functionality to your customers 24/7 over the telephone. Provide your customers with the flexibility to conduct any number of self-service account look-ups and transactions 24/7 over the telephone. Deploy as a stand alone or in conjunction with your DatatelPay-By-Phone / IVR Payments to achieve a seamless automated payment experience for your customers. Build a robust business continuity strategy by automating your customer account related inquiries over the telephone 24/7.

With Datatel’s IVR Customer Account Inquiry Automation you can:

  • Check account balances, order status, update account information, deliver account information, activate accounts, and respond to any number of account transactions requests.
  • Enable your customers to securely look-up account linked information 24/7 outside your regular business hours
  • Reduce stress on your staffing resources and make operations more efficient and responsive by not having to devote time to handling calls that can be easily automated
  • Maintain PCI and HIPAA Compliance while your staff focus on more meaningful tasks
  • Comply with industry security requirements (PCI and HIPAA)
  • Handle many concurrent calls without ever missing one - even on evenings and weekends
  • Seamlessly connect to your DatatelPay-By-Phone for 24/7 payment automation
  • End to End security with Encrypted Interactive Voice Response Technology (CryptoIVR™) designed just for secure phone transactions and payments, in a PCI Compliant environment
  • Supports flexible data exchange with your business systems

As a SaaS solution, Datatel’s IVR Customer Account Inquiry Automation module doesn’t require special hardware or software licenses for set-up - eliminating capital expenditures and dramatically reducing operational costs and deployment time. We understand how important it is to have a partner you can count on, that’s why at Datatel we are there for you every step of the way!

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