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Payment Security Guide for Businesses and Call Centers
Processing Credit Card Payments Over The Telephone

Any business, organization or call/contact center who accepts credit card payments over the Telephone MUST be Payment Card Industry (PCI-DSS) compliant. What used to be standard practices are being changed with much more restrictive measures to ensure that credit card holder information is protected. This industry transformation is impacting how businesses and call centers take and process payments over the telephone, and most importantly how they run their businesses. For many PCI-DSS compliance can be a very frustrating process, because the nuances in the implementation of solutions do not always allow a black and white answer.

In a Live Agent environment, the people, systems and processes that accept and process payment cards, must comply with PCI-DSS standards. Any person or system that touches or stores in text or voice, credit card data is subject to PCI-DSS. This includes: PBX phone systems, ACD’s, IVR’s, Call recording solutions, PC’s, Servers, customer relationship management (CRM) software, customer tracking solutions.

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with a practical understanding of how these changes can impact your business and provides you with actionable tips to help you navigate through the complexities of PCI as it applies to collecting credit card payments over the telephone.

Key topics discussed, include:

  • How Does PCI-DSS Apply To Businesses and Call/Contact Centers who are taking credit card information over the telephone.
  • Standards Of High Importance for Call/Contact Centers
  • If You Are Outsourcing Your Call Center - What To Consider
  • Managing Costs Associated With Payment Security


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