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Field Employee Tracking and Safety

TeleSafety helps you track and monitor field employee’s safety around the clock.

As a cloud solution, TeleSafety combines a comprehensive suite of Voice (IVR), SMS, e-mail alerts, phone alerts and web reporting to enhance the levels of tracking and safety of your employees working out on the field.

By providing a continuous channel for monitoring, tracking, and communications, with field personnel, you have the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation that requires immediate attention.

How It Works

Employee Check-in and Check-out

For the field employee, interacting with TeleSafety is simple. Utilizing any telephone, the employee logs in to register their arrival to a particular location using the telephone keypad to respond to a very brief sequence of voice prompts. Similarly, the user logs out to confirm they are leaving that site. TeleSafety holds the details of the employee’s visit type, location, travel time and contact telephone number.

Real-Time Alerts and Escalation

Failure of an employee to log-out within the specified time period after the schedule completion results in an automatic escalation procedure being activated. This consists of calls / SMS’s to employees, e-mails/SMS generated to managers. TeleSafety offers a wide spectrum of configuration options. A full audit of users, locations, call details and alerts are available for review and analysis in real time.

Supervision and Management Reporting

Management and safety coordinators can access reporting, administrative utilities 24/7 on-line, thus providing Management with instant access to key information from any location.

Key Benefits:

  • 24/7/365 Monitoring and Tracking of employees in the field
  • Greater Level Of Comfort/safety while in the field
  • Facilitates the execution of Safety Policy
  • Significant Reduction in Administrative Overhead
  • Facilitates Management by Exception - Act only on Alerts
  • SaaS Model - Operations expertise with no overhead
  • Rapid System Implementation
  • Capitalizes on your existing communication and technology investment
  • Supervisor access via internet from any location
  • Configurable to suit your specific organization’s needs/requirements
  • Embedded audit trail for historical analysis and management reporting