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Datatel Joins A Select Group of Industry Leaders To Help Small Businesses on Visa’s Small Business Hub

Miami, Florida / Toronto, Ontario (May 25, 2021) - Datatel Communications Inc. / Datatel Inc. in Canada,  a provider of IVR Payments and Payment Technology for over 20 years announced today its inclusion in the  Visa Small Business Hub. The Visa Small Business Hub brings together tools and resources from Datatel and other leading solution providers to help the SMB entrepreneurs  build stronger customer relationships and expand their businesses. 

In participating in this important effort, Datatel offers a dedicated resource page on the Visa Small Business Hub to help businesses understand how Datatel’s secure and easy to implement and operate remote payments and curbside pick-up solutions can assist them with streamlining payments, customer communication and curbside pick-up.

Remote payments and curbside pick-up are a lifeline for retailers in a time of social distancing and restrictive regulations. Datatel’s Curb&Go™ provides retailers of any size with a unified, secure solution for remote payment, communication and curbside pick-up that automates communication with shoppers, freeing up valuable time so they can run their business. Shoppers receive notifications when it’s time to pay, when their order is ready to be picked-up and have the ability to check on the status of their order. Datatel’s Curb&Go™ levels the playing field with a feature rich solution that every retailer can afford. 

Further building on this important collaboration, Datatel will launch additional service bundles designed specifically to address the evolving needs of small businesses through these challenging times. 

We look forward to joining Visa the world leader in digital payments and the select group of industry leaders that are part of the Visa Small Business Hub to support the small business community through these unprecedented challenging times  Said Barnard Crespi, Datatel’s Co-CEO. During these very difficult times we are focused on making it easier for businesses to rapidly implement remote payments and Curbside pick-up processes to service their customers in a  secure, safe and  cost-effective way

The Visa Small Business Hub offers a centralized access point for businesses to review a broad range of tools, solutions, special partner offers and actionable tips to support businesses through COVID and beyond. For more information on the Small Business Hub visit:

About Datatel

Twenty-four years ago, we launched Datatel with the vision to deliver innovative payment software, and secure IVR communication solutions to help our clients become more agile, profitable, secure, and successful.

Datatel’s IVR Payments, Payment Technology, and transaction automation solutions are employed globally by thousands of businesses, healthcare providers, academic institutions, government, software companies, and service providers.

Our success comes from investing in our people, our customers, our partners, and technology. With a focus on innovation, we have arrived at a service delivery model that guarantees our customers’ satisfaction