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Algoma Health Unit Deploys Datatel's TeleSafety IVR & Web Solution "Health Unit is first in Canada to launch a completely automated health and safety management process"

Miami/Toronto (April 27, 2005) - Datatel Inc., a leader in Hosted IVR and Business Intelligence Solutions, announced today that The Algoma Health Unit is the first in Canada to deploy TeleSafety Hosted Solutions. The TeleSafety health and safety management process combines a comprehensive suite of Hosted Telephone Functionality (hosted interactive voice response - IVR), e-mail alerts, phone alerts and web reporting to enhance the levels of safety in "out-call" health care environments.

With TeleSafety, The Algoma Health Unit monitors the safety of all of its field employees in real-time. Case managers, public health nurses, family support workers, health practitioners and public health inspectors interact with TeleSafety throughout the day using their standard issue mobile phones.

"The Algoma Health Unit values employee safety and the TeleSafety brings the health unit the comfort that we are doing all we can to protect our most valuable resource, our employees", said Suzanne Irwin, Systems/Records Manager at AHU.

TeleSafety is delivering The Algoma Health Unit a continuous channel for monitoring, tracking, and communications between field practitioners and internal employees, providing the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation where there could be a potential health and safety risk.

"With offices in Blind River, Elliot Lake, Sault Ste. Marie and Wawa, we have a large geographical area to cover. The automated health and safety tracking and monitoring system allows us to maintain safety and still do our job", reports Ms. Irwin.

In addition to the health and safety benefits, TeleSafety is delivering ongoing operational value, by reducing the administrative costs of tracking, communicating and reporting on field employees' activities, and provides ongoing access to the latest technology. "In addition to the enhancements to safety, we are using technology to our advantage. TeleSafety allows us to track employees more efficiently, has less chance of error, and if there is a problem, we can investigate the situation immediately", said Ms. Irwin.

As a hosted solution, The Algoma Health Unit has avoided the risk and expense of large capital investments in hardware and software. In addition to cost savings, managers also benefit from access to the latest technology and dedicated support. By avoiding the time commitment of hardware purchases and configuration, Health Authorities enjoy rapid solution deployment.

"With dedication and ongoing collaboration with our clients, we are making TeleSafety the most logical solution for Health Agencies to address the need for enhanced, field employee safety", said Barnard Crespi, CEO of Datatel. "We are pleased that TeleSafety is exceeding the expectations of our clients, and filling important gaps pertaining to field employee safety, while significantly cutting operational costs."

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About Algoma Health Unit
For over 30 years, the Algoma Health Unit has helped keep our communities healthy. We are committed to supporting healthy communities by providing a continuum of quality health services throughout the District of Algoma. The Health Unit administers health promotion and disease prevention programs to inform the public about healthy life-styles, communicable disease control including education in STDs/AIDS, immunization, food premises inspection, healthy growth and development including parenting education, health education for all age groups and selected screening services. Specially qualified staff work together within the Health Unit and the Community to carry out these health services.

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