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Datatel Launches TeleSafety Providing Enhanced Levels of Safety in "out-call" Health Care Environments

Miami/Toronto (March 20, 2005) - Datatel Inc., a leader in Hosted IVR and Business Intelligence Solutions, today introduced TeleSafety, a Hosted Automated Telephone based monitoring, notification and reporting solution designed to enhance the levels of safety in "out-call" health care environments.

Hostile Environments can create justifiable Health & Safety concerns for Health Authorities and their Practitioners when providing "out-call" services to their constituency. Furthermore, Management is often challenged by the necessity of providing a mechanism to track and monitor their field employee's safety in real-time.

By providing a continuous channel for monitoring, tracking, and communications between field practitioners and internal employees TeleSafety provides Health Authorities with the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to any situation where there could be potential risk.

As a hosted solution, Health Authorities avoid the risk and expense of large capital investments in hardware and software. In addition to cost savings, mangers also benefit from having access to the latest technology and dedicated support. By avoiding the time commitment of hardware purchases and configuration, Health Authorities enjoy rapid solution deployment.

TeleSafety combines a comprehensive suite of Telephone Functionality, e-mail alerts, phone alerts and web reporting. The service offering will be of tremendous value to Health Authorities, "This is a cutting edge solution far superior to anything in the marketplace," said Barnard Crespi, CEO of Datatel "We expect tremendous adoption of this solution."

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