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Study Shows Drastic Increase in Adoption of TXT Messaging in the Payment Customer Experience Among Healthcare and Insurance Customers using IVR Payments

March 19, 2019, Datatel Communications Inc., a leader in IVR Payments / Pay-By-Phone automation, releases data from a new study focusing on understanding the behavior of customers who pay bills using automated IVR Payment technology (Pay-By-Phone) and are providing customers with the option to receive a confirmation of payment directly to their mobile phone via Text Messaging (SMS).

The study looked specifically at the behavior of customers paying their insurance premiums and patients paying their healthcare bills.

In the healthcare field providers who offered a pay-by-phone option and presented patients with the option to receive a text messaging as part of the payment experience, saw a nearly 150% increase in adoption from 2016 to 2018 going from 27% opt-in rate to 67% by 2018.

We are committed to continue to engage in studies to better understand how to optimize the payment customer experience which will benefit both consumers and businesses alike said Datatel’s Co-CEO Barnard Crespi

The results indicate that Text Messaging is gaining significant acceptance as a business communication channel with consumers, providing businesses with an opportunity to offer their customers an enhanced and more valuable payment experience and to engage with them in order to get feedback that businesses can apply to continue to improve in various areas of their operations.

These results and its implication to businesses are expanded in a recent article published called: TXT Messaging Adoption in Healthcare and Insurance IVR Payments

Through these studies we want to help our clients better understand how to implement payment technologies which their customers are more likely to use said Datatel’s co-CEO Barnard Crespi

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