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Datatel Introduces a PCI Compliant "Pay-By-Phone" Hosted IVR Credit Card Payment Gateway Service

Miami, FL (March 22, 2010) - Datatel Inc., a leader in IVR Hosted, Managed Services and Telephony Automation Solutions, announced the introduction of its PCI Compliant Hosted Telephone Credit Card Payment Gateway Service.

Datatel's Hosted Telephone Credit Card Payment Gateway provides business and organizations with the ability to automate processing of payments over the telephone 24/7, while meeting Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements.

As a hosted solution, Datatel provides a telephone payment platform, secure connectivity to credit card processors, secure connectivity to back-office systems, plus a Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant environment and dedicated support.

"As a telephone hosted solution, and by working major credit card processors, we are removing the barriers that have prevented business and organizations from implementing secure payments by phone, as an option to its customers, donors, members and patients", said Barnard Crespi Datatel CEO.

In addition to cost savings, customers also benefit from having access to the latest technology, a PCI compliant environment and dedicated support. By avoiding the time commitment of dedicating development resources, keeping up with card industry security requirements, hardware and telecommunition infrastructure; customers enjoy rapid and worry free implementation.

About Datatel
Datatel is a communications technology company that delivers managed hosted Interactive Voice Response solutions. Datatel's IVR services are employed by business and service providers to automate a wide range of customer interactions over the telephone.

Datatel helps business and organizations automate the processing of credit card payments for products and services over the telephone 24/7, while meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security requirements.

Datatel's IVR success comes from over 14 years of research, development and continuous improvement in delivering IVR service models that provide organizations with reliability, flexibility and the ability to integrate into a wide range of emerging technologies.

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