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Datatel Releases GutterMaid Customer Case Study Demonstrating the Advantages for IVR Payments to Small Businesses

Miami, Florida (08/24/2021) - Datatel Communications Inc. and Datatel Inc (in Canada), a leader in IVR Payments and Payment Technology for over 20 years today announced the release of its most recent customer case study focusing on GutterMaid, a small home-owner maintenance business and their efforts to replace their long time practice of staff accepting credit card payments over the phone in favor of automated PCI compliant IVR Payments.

Like so many small businesses during the global pandemic, GutterMaid - a Maryland and Northern Virginia based gutter cleaning service - has had new challenges to cope with and adjust to, in addition to continuing to seek new revenue opportunities, oversee the day-to-day activities of staff, and collect from customers. It was the inefficiencies associated with that last activity that led them to investigate the advantages of an automated IVR Payments solution.

Prior to GutterMaid’s IVR Payments implementation, all their phone payments were accepted and processed by live staff. Due to high business volumes this often took up valuable administrative resources that often were needed or could have been better used elsewhere. In addition, the practice of live staff taking down customers’ credit card information raised worries regarding PCI compliance and that the security of that information could be compromised.

Since its implementation, GutterMaid’s adoption of an automated IVR Payments solution from Datatel has resulted in a more efficient payment collection process, improved allocation of resources, a better work-life balance for its owner and employees, and a more secure payment environment. All this while still offering their customers an easy and convenient way to pay their bills over the phone 24/7.

The IVR Payment system saved us a lot of phone time, and I can confidently say that it has allowed for more family time for my staff. We still deal with collections, but this has enabled us to completely remove ourselves from the process of taking payments said Jesse Whitehurst GutterMaid’s owner.

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