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Datatel’s Patient Communication and Engagement Platform to Reduce Healthcare Costs and Readmissions

Miami, Florida / Toronto, Ontario (December 1 2015) - Datatel Communications Inc. / Datatel Inc. in Canada, provides individualized 1:1 Patient Communication and Engagement for better all-around healthcare.

Datatel’s Patient Communication and Engagement Platform enables healthcare providers to take a proactive approach to individualized communication with patients, continuously before and after procedures.

Healthcare providers can deliver individualized communication through multiple channels. These channels include voice (IVR), e-mail, web and text messaging. Healthcare providers will have the ability to adjust the delivery medium, content and timing of communication based on pre-determined rules and triggers established by them and best industry practices. Communication between healthcare providers and patients can include real-time informational and support messages based on patient responses, voice and text reminders, healthcare provider alerts and much more.

With a more efficient communication process, patients are more likely to follow post discharge instructions because their uncertainties are diminished, achieving a result of lowered readmissions. Additionally, healthcare providers can identify new health problems in patients, prioritize and respond proactively, reducing the risk of complications.

The Patient Communication and Engagement Platform is cost effective and easy to implement, becoming an effective tool to lower healthcare costs, improve patient experience and reduce readmissions.

About Datatel

Datatel is a leading provider of secure Patient Communication solutions on the Cloud. Datatel’s services are employed by healthcare providers, research institutions, businesses, governments and service providers to automate a wide range of patient interactions via voice (IVR), e-mail, web and text messaging.

Datatel’s IVR success comes from over 14 years of research, development and continuous improvement in delivering service models that provide organizations with reliability, flexibility, and security. As a Cloud platform, Datatel maintains all infrastructures, reducing expenses and ensuring rapid and worry-free implementation.

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