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Datatel Names Allegiance Merchant Services as a Platinum Partner to Deliver Datatel IVR Payment Solutions

Miami, Florida - December 3th, 2019

Datatel Communications Inc., a leader in IVR Payments is pleased to announce that Allegiance Merchant Services has joined Datatel’s Platinum Partner Program, confirming its status as one of Datatel’s most valued strategic partners. As a Platinum Partner, Allegiance will receive a number of benefits that will enable it to better serve merchants across multiple verticals.

Datatel Platinum Partners are able to offer more solutions to their clients, specifically those who are seeking ways to automate payments by phone, remove their live agents from handling sensitive credit card information, and reduce costs. IVR Payments empowers merchants to process payment from their customer 24/7 securely, provide callers with a seamless payment experience while significantly reducing their operational costs.

Through this partnership, Allegiance will bring Datatel’s solutions - including DatatelPay-By-Phone xPress and DatatelPay-By-Phone PRO - to its business and healthcare customers.

Our commitment is to provide customers ways to grow their businesses through best-of-breed financial technology solutions. The Datatel IVR Payments platform adds a point-of-difference for Allegiance that will help to ensure PCI compliance for our customers and while lowering their operating costs. We are delighted to join the Platinum Partner Program and look forward to deepening the relationship with Datatel, said Allegiance President Scott McFarland.

Allegiance understands the ever-changing payment market which requires merchants to be better prepared to offer multi-channel payment options to their customers and focus on card holder security and we’re thrilled to welcome them as a Datatel Platinum Partner said Barnard Crespi Co-CEO at Datatel.

Datatel’s platform brings significant cost savings to businesses, healthcare providers, and government agencies by automating the collection of credit card information 24/7 over the phone. It also significantly reduces the risk of handling customer credit card information and help address PCI compliance.

About Datatel

Datatel delivers innovative payment software and secured voice communication solutions to help our customers become more agile, profitable, and successful.  Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone/ IVR Payments  As A Service provides businesses with the most robust and cost-effective way to securely and easily process credit card payments 24/7 over the phone, in a PCI Compliant environment.  Datatel has been providing IVR Payment as a Service and Payment automation technology to hundreds of businesses, healthcare providers, governments, and non-profit organizations for over ten years. Datatel’s success comes from investing in its people, clients, and technology. With a focus on innovation, Datatel has arrived to a service delivery model that guarantees its customers satisfaction.

About Allegiance Merchant Services

Allegiance Merchant Services, a fast-growing provider of merchant services, equips customers with the latest payment technologies, know-how and a true commitment to helping them grow their bottom lines. The company is dedicated to earning trust through easy-to-understand statements, month-to-month agreements and unmatched personalized service. Full-service options include debit and credit card processing, electronic gift card processing, e-check, merchant cash advance programs and e-commerce solutions. The Charlotte, North Carolina-based fintech company recently celebrated 10 years in business and is poised for explosive growth.