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IVR Surveys for Call Centers

Customer Satisfaction

Datatel delivers the ability to measure your Call Center's success in achieving customer satisfaction from the customer's perspective, in real-time!

With Datatel's IVR Surveys for Call Centers you can engage customers immediately after an interaction with an agent; obtaining real-time objective measurements on customer satisfaction by individual Agent, Team, Site, and Business Unit.

Built in alerts allow your organization to respond quickly and effectively to negative issues, in real-time, based on the client's specific level of customer satisfaction.

Extensive Real-Time Reporting

  • Track Customer Satisfaction by Agent
  • Measure CS by Team and Call Center
  • Measure your CS against Company Targets
  • Track Participation by Agent, Team and Call Center
  • Determine / Evaluate Customer Satisfaction during Peak Times
  • Measure Response Frequency - Completion Percentage
  • Custom Measurements, Metrics and Reporting - in Real-Time

How It Works:

  • A customer is transferred to the IVR Survey after an interaction with an agent
  • The caller interacts with the survey by answering a series of indexed questions
  • E-mail Alerts can be activated to inform your organization of potential issues in real-time
  • Real-time alerts to help you identify potential issues and take immediate action

How You Benefit:

  • Improve customer experience
  • React quickly to changes in customers' experience
  • Identify and capitalize on opportunities
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • Increase revenue opportunities
  • Look at real-time metrics so you can take immediate action
  • No upfront infrastructure investment

Using our hosted solution, you don't require special hardware or software, eliminating capital expenditures and dramatically reducing operational costs and deployment time.

We do all the development, testing, and implementation to provide customers with the most advanced solution available for Call Center Customer Satisfaction Measurements. Our SaaS model, allows us to collaborate with our clients and implement enhancements on an ongoing basis based on best practices and client feedback.

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From Our Clients
"Datatel's CSI Tracker turned out to be the perfect solution to our need to measure and track customer satisfaction.
We are getting valuable and actionable information.
Datatel has made the development and implementation process very easy.
They are GREAT to work with!"
Burton Fried
Manager of Market Research
Educational Testing Service

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