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For Charities
Text. Call. Donate. It’s that easy.

TXT 2 DONATE allows your donors to initiate a secure donation payment via a text.

Donors can initiate a donation payment anytime, 24/7, via a text and pay over the telephone in a secure environment. Implementation is quick and simple with donation specific templates and there are no lengthy application processes as you can use your existing Global Payments merchant account. You will receive your own toll-free number which is branded to your organization, offering your donors a seamless experience.

Every time a donor makes a donation, they receive a receipt of payment delivered directly to their mobile phone via SMS. At the same time, you receive an email which includes the donor’s name and address, notifying you that the payment has been completed.

The process is as simple as:
  1. Your donor texts their name and address to the number you publish. You will receive your own branded payment line.
  2. They will receive a text response with a telephone number (which we provide) and a unique payment code.
  3. They call the number provided in the text message, input the payment code and follow the prompts to enter their donation amount and credit card information.
  4. After the call is complete, a donation payment confirmation is sent to their mobile phone via a text message
  5. You receive confirmation of each donation (including donor information), which is deposited to your merchant account.

The Advantages

  • Add another fundraising channel to increase revenue
  • Reduce missed opportunities to collect donations
  • Instant, hassle-free way for you to collect donation payments
  • Donors can make payments anytime, 24/7
  • Easily track each donation payment
  • Potential to significantly expand donor base
  • No paperwork - all done securely via the phone
  • Low cost and easy to implement
  • And More...

Regardless of whether your charity processes 50, 100, 250 or more donation transactions per month:

  • ✓  Works from any mobile phone
  • ✓  No Hardware or Software to Buy. It’s a Service.
  • ✓  Keep Your Existing Merchant Account
  • ✓  Custom Voice Prompts
  • ✓  SMS Payment Receipt Sent to Your Donor’s Mobile Phone
  • ✓  PCI Compliant

Special discounted pricing for registered charities available.

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