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TXT 2 Pay - Pay-By-Phone

Text. Call. Pay. It’s that easy.

TXT 2 PAY allows your customers or contributors to initiate a secure credit card payment of bills, fees and contributions by simply sending a text message.

How It Works
  • Your customer/contributor texts specific information (i.e. name, address, license plate number, invoice #) to a dedicated SMS number for your business.
  • Your customer/contributor receives a text response with a telephone number (you get your own dedicated telephone number) and a unique 4 digit payment code.
  • They call the number provided in the text message (by clicking on the SMS), use the payment code and follow the prompts to enter their payment amount and credit card information.
  • After the payment is approved, your customer/contributor receives a receipt of payment delivered directly to their mobile phone via an SMS
  • At the same time, you receive a confirmation for each payment, which is processed through your merchant account. You can use your existing merchant account
The Benefits:
  • Instant, hassle-free way for you to collect payments from your customers/contributors
  • Your customers/contributors can make payments anytime, 24/7
  • Increase levels of customer satisfaction
  • No paperwork - all done securely via the phone
  • Easily track each payment
  • Low cost and easy to implement

And More...

Applications Include:
  • Invoices for Services
  • Parking
  • Charitable Fundraising

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