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Leading the Way in IVR Payments and Payment Technology for Over 20 Years.

PCI IVR Payments

IVR Payments As A Service

The Most Cost Effective & Flexible way to take payments from your customers by phone. Process Credit Card and eCheck payments over the telephone 24/7, All in a PCI Compliant Environment.

Cybersecurity and PCI Services

DatatelPay Curb&Go™

Remote Payments, Communication & Curbside Pick-up Made Easy! DatatelPay Curb&Go™ provides retailers of any size with a unified solution for remote payments, communication and Curbside pick-up that is both secure as well as simple to implement and operate. DatatelPay Curb&Go™ levels the playing field with a feature rich solution that every retailer can afford!

IVR Hosting & Development

Payment Technology Professional Services

Entrust your IVR Payment and Payment Technology applications to a team of experts, with more than 20 years of experience, who have delivered 1000’s of successful implementations

IVR Payments as a Service

DatatelPay-By-Phone xPressRELIEF

You can be up in running in days!

DatatelPay-By-Phone xPressRELIEF IVR Payments is designed to help you rapidly respond to changes to your business and work-force that you might have had to implement as a result of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

IVR Payment Solutions At Your Fingertips

Agent Assist Payments For Call Centers

Removes the need for your staff to handle sensitive credit card information while providing your customers with an effortless and secure way to make a payment over the telephone.

Automated IVR Payments For Customer Self-Service

DatatelPay-By-Phone provides your business with the most Robust and Cost Effective way to securely and easily process payments over the telephone 24/7 in a PCI Compliant environment and seamlessly plugs into your merchant account.

IVR Payments RELIEF For At Home Agents

IVR Payments Designed for At Home Agent environments. remove your employees from handling credit card information and seamlessly plugs into your existing merchant account.

IVR Resources & Knowledge

IVR Payments Simplified

A Complete Guide for a Successful IVR Payments Implementation

Provides a framework to achieve your IVR Payments project objectives. You will avoid many common mistakes and be able to focus on getting the most from your Pay-By-Phone / IVR Payments implementation.

IVR Survey Guide

Tips to Help You Create a Customer Satisfaction IVR Survey

This workbook will help you to overcome the challenges of preparing and selecting the most effective customer satisfaction IVR survey questions, successfully execute your IVR Survey in record time and more!

IVR Payments

For Medical Practices

Implementing Automated Pay-By-Phone can help your medical practice process patient payments 24/7 over the telephone, reduce operational costs, reduce the load on your administration/billing team