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How To Leverage Authorize.Net Webhooks with Datatel’s IVR Payments / Pay-By-Phone xPress for Real-Time Payment Notifications and Business process automation

If your business accepts credit card payments by phone you are already aware of the time and effort it requires on the part of your staff to answer those phone calls and to manually reconcile your credit card payments with your accounting and other business systems. When you automate the pay by phone process to provide your customers with the security and flexibility to make a payment 24/7, it is likely that you will also want to automate the process even further so that you are notified every time you receive a payment. To make this easier, Authorize.Net offers an out of the box solution called Webhooks that works with Datatel’s Pay-By-Phone xPress (IVR Payments) to make your payment reporting much simpler and your business more efficient.

When you combine Datatel’s Automated Pay-By-Phone xPress with’s Webhooks you can optimize your accounting and operation processes so they are faster, simpler, and more efficient. Authorize.Net’s Webhooks are automated notifications that respond in real time to events in your account. All a business needs to do is sign up for the events that it wishes to receive notifications for, and designate the URL to send the notifications to. For example, when a customer pays you through your Datatel Pay-By-Phone xPress, Authorize.Net Webhooks will notify your internal systems that you have received that payment, including all the payment details.

If you are using Datatel Pay-By-Phone xPress in combination with Authorize.Net as your payment gateway, Webhooks is a simple plug-in that significantly enhances your payment system’s capability at no additional cost. Once it is implemented you will have the capability to receive all payment transaction details in real time. These include amount of payment, the status of the transaction – i.e. whether it was accepted or declined – and other information as well.

Integrating Webhooks into your business systems may involve some additional front-end technical work on your part,However, this will be more than made up for on the back end in terms of the cost and operational efficiencies it will mean for your business. These include not only those benefiting your accounting operations, but other business processes that depend on your getting paid.

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