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"Where IVR Really Does Work"

by Barnard L. Crespi

For the past few years, IVR (Interactive Voice Response) has been getting a really bad wrap for mediocre implementation results, as organizations push the technology to the limit, on unfulfilled promises from vendors and, in efforts to cut costs from handling calls from customers.

However, prior to this trend, IVR was perceived an exceptional technology; it played a role where there was a balance between efficiency, customer satisfaction and return on investment. I'm sure many recall the days, when the way to get to the right place meant remembering to press 1..., 4, 3 and you were where you wanted to be. It wasn't all that bad, customers were happy, business managed their costs, and the technology did its job as advertised.

Most of the attention, has been focused on IVR's application in call centers, however, IVR plays a significant role in other industry applications, providing both businesses and callers with significant benefits, a positive experience, and return on investment.

"Where IVR Really Does Work" is an ongoing review of IVR applications across a multitude of industries and disciplines. Where IVR brings significant value to callers, organizations and businesses alike. Where there is a demonstrable balance between efficiency, user satisfaction and return on investment.

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