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What are IVR Payments?

IVR Payments, also commonly known as Pay-By-Phone, employs automated Interactive Voice Response technology to enable customers to make payments over the telephone. IVR Payments applications can also be configured to store credit cards for future transactions. When customers interact with a merchant’s IVR Payments application, they are guided through an automated payment process by a series of pre-recorded voice prompts. Customers interact with the IVR Payment application by entering keystrokes on their telephone’s keypad. Callers are typically prompted to first enter information such as an invoice # or an account # to identify what is being paid, followed by entering an amount to pay or being presented with an amount due. Finally, they are prompted to enter their credit card or another method of payment information. The IVR Payments application then securely transmits this payment request to the merchant’s payment gateway in real-time for authorization and then notifies the caller of their transaction’s successful completion.

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