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Remote Payments and Curbside Pick-up
Commerce In the New Economy

Remote Payments and Curbside Pick-up – Commerce In the New Economy

In this new era of commerce that has been shaped by the global response to Covid-19 merchants have been left little choice but to adapt to new ways of conducting business. In order to survive, they have had to adjust quickly to engaging more and more with contactless forms of commerce, where distance payments and curbside pick-up have become a vital lifeline to managing customers’ new shopping experience and expectations.

For retailers who were already offering their customers an online order and pick-up option pre-Covid, this shift has been limited to making enhancements to their existing process in order to handle the increased demand for this method of shopping. However, the majority of merchants who relied on the traditional in-store grab, pay and go shopping method have been left scrambling to re-architect the type of shopping experience they offer customers in order to keep pace with changing expectations and mandated health guidelines.

With these new realities comes the need for new ways to serve customers. This is driving traditional retailers to evolve accordingly. In order to flourish in this new environment, they will need to adopt new operating procedures, implement new contactless payment technologies and possibly even find ways to service their customers at a distance through video, phone or other electronic means. Short of emulating the e-commerce online model, the idea of remote ordering, remote payments and curbside pick-up is one that many brick and mortar merchants are trying to implement.

Merchants need to have the ability to take orders over multiple distant touch-points, on-line or over the phone, as well as ensure that payment transactions continue to flow as they did pre-Covid, where each retail location has its own merchants account. This includes managing the communication with shoppers from the time the order is placed till its picked-up at curbside as well as allowing for customers to track their order and provide instructions when and where should be picked-up. All this, while still making sure that they are providing customers with the highest levels of customer experience and payment security.

The good news is that contactless commerce is not new to shoppers, as many large retailers and grocers have been offering it as a value-added convenience service for several years now. However, in today’s retail landscape, offering these options to shoppers is no longer a nice to have it’s a must have.

In response to these new market demands DatatelPay Curb&Go™ together with the Cybersource | A Visa Solution gateway provides retailers of any size with a unified solution for remote payment, communication and Curbside pick-up that is both secure as well as simple to implement and operate. DatatelPay Curb&Go&trade automates communication with shoppers, freeing up valuable time so merchants can run their business. Shoppers receive Email and TXT Messaging notifications with the option to pay through online payment-links and automated pay-by-phone. Shoppers can check their order status at any time and when their order is ready to be picked-up they are notified when and where they can make their curbside pick-up. When the shopper is at the curbside, merchants simply scan the QR code with any IOS or Android device. The order will be displayed on the store associates’ mobile phone. To add even more security and shopper authentication there is an embedded Instant Pick-Up Code that is sent to shoppers when they arrive to the curb, adding another layer of security and convenience to both the shopper and the merchant. It’s Easy and secure! And for multi-location merchants, the DatatelPay Curb&Go™ and Cybersource | A Visa Solution gateway solutions Supports an unlimited number of stores with unique merchant accounts (MIDs) so businesses with multiple locations/stores can manage shoppers at the store level and route payments per location just the way they are used to.

DatatelPay Curb&Go™ and Cybersource | A Visa Solution levels the playing field with a feature rich solution that every retailer can afford!

Remote Distant Payments, Communication & Curbside Pick-up Made Easy!

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This was one of the best implementations I have been a part of. The communication was excellent and everything was responded to and dealt with swiftly. A real pleasure. We are looking forward to the impact this will have on our patient payments! Thank you!

Kim Pace
Director Patient Accounts and Revenue, Chatham-Kent Health Alliance