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Pay-By-Phone (IVR Payments) For Medical Practices The Basics

By Barnard Crespi

Today’s consumers expect to be able to buy and receive services when it is convenient for them. Consumers want to do business on their terms and in their own time. This has driven healthcare providers to offer 24/7 online patient portals, extended business hours and in some cases around-the-clock patient support services.

One of these patient expectations is to be able to make their medical bill payments when it’s convenient for them. Medical practices can efficiently address this by providing patients with a 24/7 Pay-By-Phone line in addition to other self-service payment methods they may have in place. Pay-By-Phone leverages a technology commonly known as IVR payments (Interactive Voice Response) that allow patients to make payments for bills over the telephone by interacting with an automated phone system.

It automates the process, so patients do not have to interact with a person to make a bill payment. This translates into patients being able to make a payment any time of the day and reduces operational costs to the healthcare provider.

  • Benefits To Patients, it provides patients a convenient and secure way to make a payment 24/7 over the telephone. Patients can initiate a payment from any landline or mobile phone when is convenient to them. When designed with the patients in mind, it can be as easy and faster than talking to a live staff member.
  • Benefits to the Medical Practice, it can significantly reduce operational costs by shifting tasks from higher-cost staff to automation. Healthcare providers can decrease invoice-to-cash time by providing a convenient way for patients to pay bills which is not limited by your hours of operation. Handle any number of concurrent payment calls which allows providers to implement automated payment reminder processes without hindering their staffing productivity. Improve security posture by addressing many security requirements mandated by the PCI Security Standards Council.

Implementing Automated Pay-By-Phone can help your medical practice process patient payments 24/7 over the telephone, reduce operational costs, reduce the load on your administration/billing team, improve invoice-to-cash time, meet PCI and HIPAA compliance requirements.

You Can download the complete guide (here) Pay-By-Phone Simplified For Medical Practices